About Us

Amy_PortraitHello, I am Amy Da Terra.

I am a very passionate: entrepreneur and owner of Chewable Bead Bliss;  proud mom of three beautiful children; and happy partner of my very supportive and helpful husband.

I started Chewable Bead Bliss for my youngest daughter who has oral sensory needs. When she started junior kindergarten she was putting everything in the classroom in her mouth. After six months of researching various solutions for her condition I discovered “chewelry” which is literally chewable jewelery. Chewelry will help keep kids mouths busy and their hands free. From there I researched where to find a reputable supplier for food grade silicone chewable beads or chewbeads and the most durable string and breakaway clasps.

I love this work and helping individuals and families with children who have various oral sensory needs, such as children who are on the autism spectrum.

I really enjoy meeting with families and working with them to custom design necklaces, bracelets or zipper-pulls that best meet their needs. I have received encouraging feedback from customers who’s children chewed on clothing, hair, fingernails, etc. and have noticed that chewelry is helping their kids with abiding these actions while satisfying their oral sensory needs. I has also been a lot of fun meeting with families to design ‘chewelry’ for their teething babies.

I love meeting and working with people, and I hope to meet and work with you and your family in the future.
Amy Da Terra
Entrepreneur & President, Chewable Bead Bliss