You will love our Chewelry too!

My 8 month old LOVES the necklace you custom made me (her). I never forget it as its such a CUTE accessory and so conveniently accessibly worn around my neck. My little nieces and nephews also ENJOY it! Such a great gift for a baby shower too!! Thank so much!!”

My youngest daughter has always been a nervous nail biter. This past winter, her nervous chewing extended to nibbling on her coat and shirts. This habit has started to have a negative impact on her self-esteem. We tried a variety of different methods to help her stop, without success. Also this year, my oldest daughter also started biting her fingernails. We knew that we needed to find a substitute.

When Amy shared information about her chewable bead necklaces, my girls were excited to try it. They enjoyed personalizing their necklaces and have been wearing them ever since. Just this past week, my youngest proudly showed me her fingernails. “Look Mom! They are growing!” I am grateful to Amy and her necklaces. She helped us find a solution that looks fashionable too.”

Sarah- Mom of 2 daughters who now have necklaces.